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Thank you very much for choosing our hotel as your residence during your stay in Ingolstadt.

Our guests deserve to receive the best service we are able to offer. Should you ever feel that you are not satisfied with our service, please let us know. We are always on duty for you.

We wish you a pleasant stay
Your Livenworkhotel Team

Safety rules in case of hotel fire

The following “rules of conduct” have been issued specifically for hotel guests. They are a summary of regulations recently published by leading experts in fire safety, and can be applied anywhere.

Plan ahead
1. Plan your escape route before you are trapped by a fire. As soon as you get to your room, make sure that you know where the emergency exit is and that you can find it in the dark if necessary.

2. Keep your hotel key card where you can find it in a hurry. Put it on the bedside table, for example. If you have to leave your room in an emergency, take your key card with you because you may have to return to your room. Close the room door behind you. It would be an advantage to carry a small flashlight with you.

3. Never use a lift as an emergency exit. The automatic mechanism may fail and leave you trapped in the lift.

4. Do not panic. You can avoid panic by being familiar with your surroundings and sticking to a specific plan if there is a fire.

If there is a fire
1. If you notice any signs of a fire or even have the slightest suspicion of a fire, report it to reception immediately. Give your name and your room number and a brief description of the situation.

2. Pick up your room key card before you leave your room. If you have your family with you, arrange a meeting point outside the hotel so you know everyone is safe.

3. Before you open the door, check whether the door or the door handle is warm. If it is, do not open the door.

4. If it is not, crouch down and slowly open the door, ready to close it again at any moment if a cloud of smoke should come towards you. If the corridor is clear, move quickly to the emergency exit, not to the lift. Close the door behind you and take your key with you.

5. Do not walk upright, but keep low to avoid any smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation.

6. Go along the same side of the corridor that your emergency exit is on. Count the number of doors to the exit.

7. When you have reached the emergency exit, quickly but carefully run down the stairs and hold on to the railing. If you notice smoke, try not to run through it. Turn around and go to a smoke-free corridor. From there, try to get to another emergency exit.

8. If you cannot leave the room, make every effort to make yourself being noticed. If you cannot get through to reception, call the fire brigade and tell them exactly where you are. Make yourself noticed by hanging a bed sheet out of the window.

9. If there is smoke in your room, open the window. Do not break the glass as it is quite possible that more smoke will pour in from outside.

10. Fill the bath with water. Soak towels and sheets in it. Stuff the wet towels and sheets around the door and in every crack where smoke could get in.

11. If the door and the walls are hot, pour water over them to keep them cool.

12. Place the mattress up against the door and hold it in place with a table or another object. Pour water over it and keep everything damp.

13. A wet handkerchief over your mouth and nose will filter the smoke if you fold it into a triangle and hold one corner in your mouth.

14. If there is a fire outside the window, pull down the curtains and keep everything flammable away from the window.

15. Do not jump out of the window, especially if your room is on the 3rd floor or above. A jump from this height can injure you dangerously. Keep trying to protect yourself from the fire and make yourself noticed from the window.

Hotel Information

Airport/Flight Information
Munich airport is approximately 70 km away from the hotel. For information please call (0) 089 975-00 or go to For airport shuttle service please see “Shuttle-service”.

Allergy Sufferers
We offer hypoallergenic bedding on request. Allergic friendly rooms are also available.

Bank/Foreign currency exchange
You can find banks and ATM‘s in close proximity from the hotel. There is a bank and ATM in the Westpark Shopping Centre approx. 2,5 km away and another bank and ATM approx. 600 m away in the „Gaimersheimer Straße 58A“.

Our bar is present for you daily from (07:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) with staff. After 10:00 p.m. our Maxi-Bar is at your disposal right at the entrance.

Bedlinen changing / extra bedlinen
Your bed linen is changing at least once a week. If you would like your bed linen to be changed more often, please let the reception know. We are also happy to provide you with additional comforters and pillows. You have the choice to order the room cleaning from the moment you check in. Our reception staff will proactively inform you about this when you check in.

Our breakfast buffet is available for you from Mon. to Fri. from 6.00 a.m. to 09.00 a.m. in the restaurant. On Weekend and National Holidays the breakfast buffet is available from 7:00 am until 11:00 am. You are also welcome to enjoy your breakfast in your room. Please let the reception know. A surcharge of € 2.50 per day is charging for the room breakfast.

Car park
You may park your car in the multi-storey parking house in front of our hotel free of charge. Please do not forget to remove all valuables from the car and to lock it. We do not take responsibility for any damage or theft that may occur.

Heating or preparing food in the rooms is not permitted for reasons of safety.

Credit cards
We accept various credit cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, EC-Card.

Departure time
Our official departure time is 11:00 a.m. If you would like to extend your departure time, please talk to the reception staff.

If you need to see a doctor, please contact our reception. We can also give you information about the pharmacy providing an emergency service.

Dogs and other pets
Your four-legged friends are always welcome. We assume they should be house-trained, and do not represent any danger to our guests and employees. Please let reception know if you leave your pet in the room alone. Please understand that this regulation does not apply for our restaurant. Fees: Dogs or Pets € 10,00, each per night without food.

Electrical voltage
220 volts AC

In case of emergency, please get in touch with reception immediately.

Emergency exit
There are emergency exits on every side of the building, which are marked correspondingly. Please also note the emergency exit plan on the door to your room.

Our receptionists are looking forward to tell you about places that are worth to visit and the best way to get there.

Our reception team will be happy to help you with faxing and photocopying.

Fire extinguishers/Fire alarms
There are fire alarms and fire extinguishers on every floor, at the entrance to the staircase and lifts, as well as in the stairwell. They are marked on the emergency exit plan on the door to your room. Should you suspect that there is a fire in any part of the hotel building, please report it to reception immediately.

Flight reservations
Our receptionists will be happy to book a flight reservation for you.

Food Allergies
Should you need any information about possible allergens in your food, our waiting staff are happy to help.

Front Desk
Our reception is manned from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is also available by telephone. Outside of our opening hours, you can check in at any time at our Self Check In Terminal. For hotel room bookings please use our booking engine on the homepage available 24/7.

Housekeeping service
Should you need any additional items such as towels, pillows etc, please contact reception.

On request we gladly provide you iron and ironing board.

Lost and found
Please talk to our reception if you lost something or if you found anything.

Luggage storage
Luggage storage is possible at the reception.

Mains electricity
There are electrical adaptors available at reception.

If we get messages for you whilst your stay, they will be left at the reception.

You will find daily newspapers and magazines at reception/bar.

Non-Smokers rooms
All rooms in the hotel belong to the non-smoking category. We ask our guests not to smoke in the rooms or in the house. In case of violation, the hotel has the right to demand compensation from the guest for additional cleaning costs, including possible loss of revenue due to the room being blocked. The amount of damages shall be at least € 150.00. The amount may be higher or lower if the hotel has a higher damage or the guest can prove a lower damage. You are welcome to use the balcony opposite the reception.

Outside telephone lines
Please press „0” to obtain an outside line. Afterwards you can dial your desired number.

Our housekeeping keeps different sorts of pillows for you. If you want an additional pillow or a special pillow, please contact the reception.

Photocopying and scanning

We offer a photocopying and scanning service at reception. Our colleagues will be happy to help with your copying or scanning needs.

Printers for your printing jobs can be found in our reception area. Our reception colleagues will be happy to help you.

Porter service
Should you require help with your luggage, please ask at reception. Our colleagues will be happy to help.

Railway station/Bus connections
The main railway station is approx. 7 km away. There are bus stops near to the hotel. Our receptionists will be happy to help you with bus timetables. For the airport shuttle service, see „S” for the Shuttle service.

We offer our guests a small snack menu daily until 09:30 p.m. Otherwise we will gladly recommend a restaurant and make appropriate reservations.

Room bookings
Our reception will be happy to make hotel bookings for you.

There are safes in rooms. The hotel does not take responsibility for valuables that are left in the room.

Sanitary products
Supply of sanitary products on the front office (toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razor, 1,50 Euro/product).

Shoe polisher
Our free automatic shoe polisher can be found opposite our public WC’s.

Shuttle service
You can get more information and tickets for the public Airport Shuttle from our reception colleagues. The closest bus stop is „Audi Forum”.

We gladly offer you slippers for your stay. Please talk to our reception. You will find information about the fees there, too.

You are welcome to leave your letters at the reception. We will bring them to the post office for you. Post stamps are also available at the reception.

You can book a taxi in advance at the reception.

For directory enquiries: Inland: 0-11833, Foreign: 0-11834.

All rooms are equipped with television The TVs dispose connection for RGB , Scart, RG an HDMI.

Towel change
Daily towel change on request. You can get fresh towels at the reception as well.

Train connections
Our reception team will be happy to help you with timetables, information and reservation. You can reach the information service under (0) 0180 6996633 or go to:

Wake up call
You can activate your wake-up alarm on the TV. Please choose “Menü” – “Zeit” – “Einschaltzeit”. Enter the required wake-up time by „Stunde“ and „Minute“. The TV starts automatically to the required time. Please note that the wake-up alarm is just supplied for one day.

The whole house is equipped with Wifi. At the check-in, you will receive the access code at the reception with your room key card.

Items you might need
As always, the following Items are available at reception.
Just ask. We are happy to help.

  • You can borrow one of our umbrellas
  • Shaving kit, Toothbrush kit, shoe polish kit, sewing kit
  • bath-, shower stool
  • you can borrow one of our chargers, adapters


Please ask if you require anything else.
Our reception staff are happy to assist.